About us

Suburban2urban est. 2015.

I started this comapny while i was injured and unable to work doing 1 or 2 sales per month. I have allways provided people with high quality clothing and items that are unavalible at local retail outlets at affordable prices

My goles are simple

  • Top quality products including hard to find and unique items. 
  • Best customer service
  • Best Deals and Prices anywhere

We work Monday through Friday 10-7pm Eastern Standard Time. All messages will be answered within 48 hours, usually you will receive an immediate response. Although we state these hours of business, I'm often available or check in regularly. 

 I have a degree in fashion merchandising & marketing. I worked as an authenticator for major stores and as a consultant. I was trained in Europe and the US. You can guarantee my items are authentic. If you need help authenticating designer bags, Jewlery, shoes, clothing, accessories etc. Please message me, I have a local office and showroom. Thank you